Grayden's grad session took place last fall out at his family's acreage.  Grayden is not a suit or dress up type person so he really didn't want to have his grad photos in a suit.  I loved this, as I really like to cater my grad sessions around the personality of the graduate and capture who they are!  This session was awesome, we had such a great time taking photos with his horses and his dog and of course we did some with the whole family.  Here are some of the favourites from Grayden's grad session :)

Congratulations Grayden!

Kaitlin is another gorgeous grad I photographed this summer.  It was a beautiful day in June and a beautiful location, her home and park across the street where she grew up playing with other neighbourhood kids.  We had a lot of fun with the shoot, even doing some photos with Carter her adorable yorkie!  I've posted some of the best photos below to enjoy!  And I must say I love love Kaiti's shoes, I mean how awesome to have bright pink shoes!


Congratulations Kaitlin, I wish you the best in Halifax! xo



Elenee wasn't looking for typical grad photos, she had a vision of something with a vintage feel a la 40's era.  So instead of having a single gown for grad, she opted to have 3 gorgeous vintage style dresses made by her grandma.  I loved her vision and I knew I had the perfect location, my father's farm.  We had an old car, some really old houses including the one my father grew up in which was built in the 40's, plus we had train tracks and with all the rain we have had it was so green and lush outside!

Every year I am so lucky to book such amazing graduates for photos!  Haley was no different, it was so much getting to photograph her again (she was one of my model's in my Rouge Noir shoot).  She is such a natural in front of the camera and rarely do I post this many photos but seriously can you blame me, this girl is stunning!  Here are some of mine and Haley's favorites below :)

Congratulations Haley! xo

Sweet Caitlin was my last grad of the year having chose to have her session a few days after grad. Caitlin was so much fun, she wanted the session taken at her acreage, and I must say what a gorgeous yard! There were so many different places and spaces to use; and I loved their old tree house. Caitlin was telling me how when her and her sister were young they used play up there all the time and would even sleep under the stars in their tree house; so of course I definitely made use of this tree house.

Keeley, yet another beautiful grad with probably one of the most amazing "grad" cars I've ever seen. Through family connections they were able to rent this incredible lamborghini for the day. Now normally when a studio session is booked it usually solely takes place in the studio but when I saw this car I had to suggest we take a few outside with it; couldn't pass up this opportunity for me and for Keeley and of course she was up for more photos! Well I have posted some from both the studio and outside with the car, check em out. This girl is stunning!

This post is short and sweet and all about beautiful Brittany! What can I say it was another amazing grad session; sometimes having the session on grad day can become stressful as there is so much going on, but that was definitely not the case with Brittany. She was just enjoying every moment of this special day, which was great because grad day as I remember was over so fast. I had a great time photographing Brittany, as her hair was partially down and her dress had such an etherealness about it I had to bring out the fan for a few shots.

I definitely do not photograph near as many guys as I do girls when it comes to senior/graduation portraits. And to be honest most of the guys are really there to please their moms and don't really get into the session. Kristopher was totally the opposite, he wanted something fun, cool, and different so when I suggested we go out to my father's farm and do the session using my grandfather's old house he was all over it!

I always have a great time photographing the different graduates from the local high schools, and this year was no different. Robyn, another gorgeous grad from LCHS became a little muse for me during our session. It was one of those perfect days, overcast with hints of sunshine and a near deserted park; allowing me to turn ol' Bud Miller into my little photographic playground. Right away there was a great connection with Robyn, she was so amazing to photograph.

I must start by saying there are still a few more blog posts to come filled with graduation awesomeness! This one focuses on the ever gorgeous Catie. Seriously I have had the most amazing luck when it comes to weather for these seniors; for this day the sun was shining, a few clouds, and wasn't even too hot outside; the only thing I guess I would have changed would be the pesky mosquitos that liked to snack on us.