Brooklyn is another beautiful grad from this past grad season.  She was looking for something a little different so we decided to have her grad lifestyle session take place out at Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.  I love having lifestyle photography sessions out at the lake, it is such a beautiful backdrop! For Brooklyn's session we took advantage of Jumbo Beach which is probably one of my favourite areas at the lake as it has these beautiful spaced out trees right next to the water and we even found a super cool tree stump just hanging out along the bank.

Kiley is a gorgeous grad from this past grad season.  For her session we went out to Bud Miller Park in Lloydminster which is always such a beautiful green space.  This girl is so stunning and had one of the most gorgeous grad dresses I have seen; she was such a pleasure to photograph and made my job so easy as she is definitely very photogenic.  As I do with a lot of my grad sessions, I also did a mini family lifestyle session this time however everyone also had a change of casual clothes for a few photos!

I love to photograph to grads, it is always so much fun to capture them feeling amazing all dressed up with their hair and make-up (for the girls) all done!  

Here is another gorgeous graduate from the class of 2014.  I had so so much fun photographing Zoe's grad lifestyle session, this girl was stunning and has such a super fun personality.  Plus Zoe's bestie Kim came for some photos and lots of laughs were definitely had during this session! For Zoe's grad portraits we went to downtown Lloydminster, which is such a great location! Lots of brick buildings and a cool old parkade make for some great backdrops! Here are some of the highlights from Zoe's grad lifestyle session :)

Congratulations Zoe! xo

Here is the first grad of the season, the gorgeous Amanda! For Amanda's session we went out to her grandparent's acreage and although the green hadn't started to form yet it was still beautiful out there! Amanda grew up coming out here and was telling me how as kids her and her sister would catch frogs in the pond and how she still loves to come out and ride the horses with her grandfather.  I love locations that have special meaning and we had so much fun going around the acreage to all the different areas.

Hilary was a gorgeous grad from this past year, as mentioned in the previous blog post I photograph her family every summer at Loon Lake and this year she decided to have your grad photos taken out at the lake at the same time.  I loved this idea! It's so beautiful out there and it was such a great location for a grad session, plus Hilary had the most perfect dress for photos at the lake!  This girl is so stunning!  Here are some of the favourites from Hilary's grad session :)

Congratulations Hilary xoxo 

Christina was another one of my gorgeous graduation clients this year!  Christina's sesion took place out at her family's acreage just outside Lloydminster, I actually did their family lifestyle session out here last winter and it is such a fabulous spot!  There are so many trees, buildings, and hidden areas with abandoned truck boxes; it's pretty much a photographer's playground!  For Christina's session we also had her wonderful parents, her sister, her adorable nephew, her best friend, and of course some adorable animals, including a snake!

Morgan was not having great luck when it came to the weather for her grad session, twice we rescheduled due to rain Mother Nature decided to provide.  True to the cliche, third time was the charm and we got a beautiful day with some awesome cloud coverage to create perfect lighting!  For Morgan's session, we went downtown Lloydminster which was so perfect! She had such a cool and unique dress that looked amazing and it suited the downtown brick and graffiti walls perfectly.  This girl is stunning!  I had so much photographing Morgan, she was like a little muse for me!

Naomi is one of the many stunning graduates I had the pleasure of photographing this grad season!  Naomi decided to have her session out at her family's home just outside Marwayne and I can't blame her for wanting photos out there, what a gorgeous place!  There were so many amazing spaces!  I had so much fun photographing Naomi and her family, her sisters even decided to surprise her by putting on their old grad dresses for a few photos!  Plus how cool that the family coordinated their shoes with Naomi's dress, so fun!