It had been a long time since I had done a beauty photo session and collaborated with my gorgeous friend Jacqueline Laine, who is probably one of the most talented make-up artists I know. So it was definitely time to put a session together, and who better to model than my other beautiful friend, Jeanie Andronyk. It took us two days to shoot the five looks as we only had mornings that worked with our schedules but it was worth it.

For probably the past year I have had a vision of a "doll-esque" photoshoot, something odd but interesting; I don't quite how to describe this series as I saw it in my head I just had the vision. So a month ago I was finally able to create this series that had been floating around in my head. I once again collaborated with Ange Forhy from Kenneth Blair Salon, who did an absolute incredible job on the hair and make-up.

A new clothing store recently opened up in Lloydminster called What R U Wearing, and I was pretty excited when one of the managers Echo approached me about doing a photo shoot for them. I love love fashion, especially fashion photography so there was no way I was going to pass up this opportunity. Every month they are wanting to do a photo shoot to and use different local models and different themes. This month the theme they wanted was aviation.

Back in September I joined forces with Ange Fohry from Kenneth Blair Hair Salon and we decided to put together a fun shoot with some cathedral veils, aptly named Prairie Brides. One of my favorite locations to photograph is my father's farm as there are old buildings, equipment, and many other visuals. So one a beautiful Sunday afternoon we ventured out with are awesome models, Victoria, Dallis, Danielle, and Cassie and had such a great time! Here are my favorites from the day, enjoy!