Meet Rachel, a gorgeous young lady who is hoping to get a little more into modeling.  I had a blast photographing this young gorgeous gal for her model portfolio, she was so wonderful to work with and just so pretty! :)  

Here is a fun editorial portrait series featuring Brenna MacQuarrie.  Brenna is a super talented and very photogenic Edmonton musician whose work you can check out here: :) 

A huge thank you to these talented ladies: Hair- Amy DeKock, Makeup - Bry-Anne Pearson, Photographice Assistant - Courtney Ramsey.  As always I loved working with you!

'Forgotten' is my third installment into my series featuring 'dolls' and is a story about a doll whose family moved away and left her abandonned in their old home.

Hair - Kelly Karas

Make-up - Kelly Karas & Haley Lee

Model - Haley Lee


A couple weeks ago I posted some beautiful women and their gorgeous boudoir photos from their sessions at The Beauty Lounge.  Well Carole was one of those gorgeous women and after the boudoir session we decided to have a little fun and get some creative editorial shots.  This girl is stunning!  Here are some of the favourites from the editorial session :)

Welcome to my next installment of my dolls series.  My first was Welcome to Dollhouse over a year ago and this time I decided to transport my portrayal of human dolls to the woods where they are having a quaint little tea party.  My inspiration came to me when I went to a contemporary dance show and here were some beautiful dancers with balloons attached to them and from there the vision of three dolls having a tea party came to me.

 A while back I once again collaborated with the fabulous Ange from Kenneth Blair in Lloydminster for another fun editorial photoshoot.  We decided to have some fun with this and go with a burlesque theme which we subsequently titled Rouge-Noir.  As was to be expected the models, Haley, Karlee, & Taylor, were fabulous and totally got into character which made it all the more fabulous to photograph them!

Some of my favorite people to collaborate with on photoshoots are often hair stylists; they are so creative and I always find it so amazing what can be done with hair!  Kyla was no different, she called me wanting to do some photos for the Goldwell Color Zoom competition and I was very excited about it!  Kyla has been in the industry for 14 years and currently works out of Shampoo, a very cool salon downtown Edmonton.

Back in January Luxx Hair Lounge approached me about doing a photoshoot for them. They were wanting something editorial with a vampire theme; the goal of the shoot was to show their creativity and talent with hair and make-up. And wow was the hair and make-up ever incredible!

This was such a fun photoshoot! I once again collaborated with Ange Forhy of Kenneth Blair who did an amazing job on hair and make-up! Basically Ange wanted something where we focused more on male models and we both thought why not see if we can use the local pool for the shoot. And so that exactly what we did, we went in after hours and basically came up with some cool shots! The models were so awesome, I can't thank you guys enough! Anyways here are some of the faves from the shoot, check em out and let us know what you think :)

The idea for this shoot came to me from one of the runway shows at Western Canada Fashion Week. In the show they had vintage hair and make-up and were holding tree branches for props. I loved it! So I came up with this photoshoot; it's about a family of brothers and sisters that live in isolation in the woods. They were raised in the woods away from society so are afraid to be seen by others and very seldom leave the shade of the trees. I realize the look is very "twilight" which I wasn't intentionally going for but I really wanted a cold feel to the photographs.