The Kehler's are another super fun beautiful family that I am so lucky to photograph every year!  Josh and I attended photography school together and it's always a privilige to photograph another photographer's family!  I always have so much photographing this family, and it is so cool to see how much their young children change from year to year.  This year they decided to keep it simple and have the session right in their backyard!  I loved this idea as they just finished the yard this summer and the kids had fun being able to play on their backyard swing/play set!

Meet the Gerlinsky's, a super cute family with the most adorable two boys.  For a November session the weather was incredible, although the family had hoped for snow, I mean who would have thought that there would have been no snow at the end of November, it was still so beautiful outside for photos! I had so much fun photographing this beautiful family :)

The MacDougall family's beautiful fall lifestyle session is featured on the blog today!  I am so lucky that I get to photograph so many amazing families and the MacDougall's are no different.  This family is so super close and so beautiful inside and out!  I loved getting to capture some of the sweet moments between the grandparents and grandkids.  The little ones were just so so cute together! 

I had the absolute pleasure of getting to photograph the beautiful Hanson family this past September. This family is so close with one another and has so much fun together it was so wonderful to capture their personalities and relationships!  The family lifestyle session was actually booked as a gift for the older parents from their children and what a wonderful gift, I will admit I am of course biased but family photos are such a great gift for parents and loved ones; photos are some of the best keepsakes and memories!

Every summer I look forward to photographing this beautiful family out at Loon Lake, Saskatchewan.  I love photographing The Krauss Family, they are so much fun and have such a great energy!  I have been so lucky to capture some amazing moments for them for the past 5 years and it is so cool to see how much everyone changes and grows from year to year.  There are always many laughs and the session always seems to end with some swimming! This year was no different; here are some of the favourite images from The Krauss' annual summer lake session :)

Here is a super fun family lifestyle portrait session of such a great family!  The Graham's have a gorgeous lake lot out at Murphy Lake, Saskatchewan and since this is where they spend most of their summers it only seemed fitting to have their family portraits taken out there!  Lakes are probably my some of favourite locations for family portraits as there is just something so magical to them.  I had so much fun photographing this family; they have such an amazing energy to them!  Here are some of the favourite images from The Graham's lifestyle portrait session :)  

Here are some of the great photos from the McBride Family's beautiful outdoor St. Albert family lifestyle session.  Their little guy was just way too cute!

Here is a slideshow show casing a variety of lifestyle portrait sessions Lamb Studios has photographed :)

Raelean and Easten were engaged this past summer and also found out they would be expecting their first child together so this lifestyle session was to celebrate both of these very exciting events!  As Easten has two very adorable children, Haylee & Brody, we also did some family photos and some fun photos of the two kids.  For thier session we went out to my father's farm South of Lloydminster and took advantage of some of the snowy goodness! As it was quite a windy day we also took shelter in an old grain building which also made a great backdrop for some very cool photos!

Around Christmas Lloydminster became a beautiful winter wonderland with some of the most gorgeous hoar frost I have ever seen.  Usually hoar frost is here today and gone tomorrow which can make it difficult to book portraits around but this year it decided to stick around for awhile.  The Gilby family had always wanted winter family photos with hoar frost and as it was staying around this year they decided to see if they could book a lifestyle session to take advantage of the hoar frost.  I was so happy it worked out as I always love photographing this awesome family!