Nancy was our winner at the bridal show this year with the prize being a pre-bridal boudoir session. Having just given birth to a beautiful little girl Taylor only 6 months earlier she a was little nervous about the shoot but about 10 minutes into the session she relaxed and really got into it. Nancy is so beautiful and I totally think she resembles Jennifer Anniston in a couple of the pics! I've posted some the faves from the session to check out.

It definitely has been too long since my last blog.  My goal starting today is to make sure it is updated way more frequently!  Once a month is just not often enough!  Jennifer is actually one of our employees and I happened to mention one day at work how I would like to do more boudoir photography and she happily volunteered to be a model!  She is such a sweet person that I thought it was a great idea for her to model, plus her husband was pretty excited about it!