Here is an super cute fall lifestyle portrait session of a super awesome family!  Graham, Gina, and their adorable daughter Layla booked a fun fall session; and we did have fun, being just over a year Layla already has quite the cute personality and she defintely gave us lots of laughs and I loved getting to photograph her!  Here are some of the favourite photos from their fall lifestyle session :)

Here is super fun lifestyle family session of the awesome Gilby family from this summer!  For their session we went to downtown Lloydminster as Trevor has a very cool vintage car and the scenery downtown makes a very cool backdrop!  We also decided to venture to Anniversary Park for a few photos afterwards, just to add some variety and some photos with some pretty greenery.  This family has so much fun together, as can be seen in the photos, they have such a great energy and I loved every moment photographing them!  Here are some of favourites from the Gilby's lifestyle session :)

Christina was another one of my gorgeous graduation clients this year!  Christina's sesion took place out at her family's acreage just outside Lloydminster, I actually did their family lifestyle session out here last winter and it is such a fabulous spot!  There are so many trees, buildings, and hidden areas with abandoned truck boxes; it's pretty much a photographer's playground!  For Christina's session we also had her wonderful parents, her sister, her adorable nephew, her best friend, and of course some adorable animals, including a snake!

I have known the Chapelski's for a few years and they have talked about having some new family photos taken for the last little while so I was so happy when they booked for a session this summer.  I had a wonderful time photographing this famliy, they are so much fun and such great people!  Apart from a few mosquito attacks it was a great evening for photos :)  

Check out this slidshow showcasing some beautiful lifestyle portraits from past sessions :)

A client of mind was looking to do a differnt approach on a "boudoir" session for her man, more of a nude session with an artistic approach.  I loved the idea and we decided to have the session more about her body than her identity.  I booked space at the wonderful The Photographer Studio, which was such a perfect location.  It allowed us to use both studio lighting and natural light to create some cool portraits.  

Here are some of the beautiful portraits from the session.

Sarah and her beautiful twin sisters, Rachel & Rebecca, decided to do a fun outdoor lifestyle session in the snow as a Christmas gift for their mom.  I love loved the idea!  I realize our winters can be quite cold, and this day was no exception, it was a good thing we decided to do the session in the little park next to my parent's place in Lloydminster as we could go inside to warm up!  Although it was freezing the girls were such troopers and even layed down in the cold snow for a few portraits!  In the end all the cold was worth it as the portraits turned out gorgeous!