Here is a slideshow show casing a variety of lifestyle portrait sessions Lamb Studios has photographed :)

Here is a gorgeous winter lifestyle session featuring Marcie, Jason, and their beautiful dog Hype.  This super cute couple's session was booked to have some great photos of Hype as he was down to his final days.  As Marcie told me when she got Hype he was deemed unadoptable and was going to be put down so she adopted him and was able to give him some amazing happy years filled with love, treats, toys, and all the good stuff dogs dream of.  I've met Hype before and I could never vision this dog being unadoptable as he had such a sweet demeaner and seemed just full of love.

Check out this slidshow showcasing some beautiful lifestyle portraits from past sessions :)

Here is a super fun session from last summer mostly about an adorable rescue greyhound, Peanut, and her humans Stefanie & Darryl!  Stefanie became a great friend through triathlon training and had talked about having a session for her fur baby Peanut!  I love photographing pets, they are always so much fun and have so much character; so on a beautiful August day we went to Louise McKinney Park, downtown Edmonton and had a great time photographing Peanut and a few with Stefanie and her husband Darryl.  Here are some of the favorites from that day :)

As many people know I love animals and with that I really enjoy getting to photograph them.  Meet the adorable Cato, a super cute six week old great dane!  He was so much to photograph, all he wanted to do was run to me and crawl all over me and chew my clothes and camera!  He was so sweet, I just wanted to keep him although that thought disappeared when I remember that in only a few months he will become a mammoth as he is expected to weigh around 180lbs!  Well he is still small enjoy these pics of this cutie pie! 

Wow, this is amazing for me, another blog update within a couple of days! Lol, I do realize I need to update my blog way more often and that is a goal of mine for 2010. Well this post is about my little puppy Zuko. I had a bunch of commercial shoots in the studio one day and since my little man was going to be getting a hair cut that day I figured why not end the day of shooting with a little photo session of Zuko! Thank goodness my mom brought him in and stayed to help because everything I got him in place by the time I was back to take the photo he was next to me.