As you have probably already figured out one of my favorite charity organizations to work with is the Lloydminster Regional Health Foundation in my hometown of Lloydminster.  Although I am no longer based out of Lloyd I still enjoy helping out as the LRHF do so much for the community.  Once again this year I donated my time to photograph amazing stories of local people who have benefited from state of the art equipment to the Community Cancer Centre, which could have not been possible without the foundation.

About a month ago I was in Vancouver for a girls weekend and it just so happened to be the same weekend my mom and aunt were in town to help my great uncle Bennie clean out his house and have a garage sale as his house is sold and he has downsized to a senior's complex. I think the fact that he had to move was pretty hard as change is never easy and neither is knowing the new owners are demolishing the house to build a larger newer one.

Once again this year the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation (LRHF) inquired if I would be interested in donating my time to photograph some amazing local individuals for their annual report. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, these people do so much for the community yet they often go unrecognized and I loved that the LRHF would be doing stories about them and their generosity. Instead of trying to regurgitate their stories I posted the articles that were published so that you guys can read all about these amazing people.

My really good friend Jill recently went on a nutrition plan to tone up and she has some pretty awesome self discipline because when she was going over the list of what she cannot eat I don't think I could ever do it. I could give up the alcohol and sugar, but I would have a hard time without my daily bowl of cereal in the morning and the use of olive oil. I must say I give her loads of props for being able to stick to it and she definitely looks amazing!

Shyla and Trevor were such a wonderfully sweet couple. They are a couple of high school sweet hearts and their love is so contagious! When I met Shyla regarding engagement photos I was pretty excited as she just has this fun positive energy about her and Trevor is much the same which made photographing the two of them a whole lot of fun! They got so lucky with the weather, the whole week hadn't been that nice with snow and cold wind yet somehow on that Saturday the sun was out and most of the snow had melted.

I remember my sweet 16, it was pretty low key; just a few friends over for dinner, movies, and the inevitable slumber party. This was the norm back in the 90's, at least in my small city it was. Now thanks to MTV's My Super Sweet 16, teens are planning way more fun and elaborate parties. Last week, Elenee celebrated her sweet 16, she planned a fun party at her grandfather's restaurant with food, a dj, and dancing! Also on the menu to celebrate her birthday was a fun photo shoot with me!

Alright, I know it has already been two weeks since Vegas and I am just now getting my photos posted from the amazing Scott Robert Workshop that took place before WPPI. But better late than never! As always, I had an awesome time at the workshop; met more amazing people and it was so much fun to see friends that I haven't seen since Paris! Like previous workshops, I learned new things and practiced posing and using natural light as well as off camera flash and flashlight. The first day we went to the Neon Boneyard to do some shooting, that place was so cool.