Here is a gorgeous winter lifestyle session featuring Marcie, Jason, and their beautiful dog Hype.  This super cute couple's session was booked to have some great photos of Hype as he was down to his final days.  As Marcie told me when she got Hype he was deemed unadoptable and was going to be put down so she adopted him and was able to give him some amazing happy years filled with love, treats, toys, and all the good stuff dogs dream of.  I've met Hype before and I could never vision this dog being unadoptable as he had such a sweet demeaner and seemed just full of love.

Here is another winter lifestyle session, this one featuring the Kettle family.  For their session we headed outdoors to Messum Park for a few fun snow photos and to take advantage of some of the beautiful frost on the trees.  It was a little chilly out but the kids did pretty awesome with it! As it is Christmas time we also did a couple fun family photos in front of their Christmas tree in their home.  This family is so much fun and I had such a great time photographing them :)

Here is a beautiful lifestyle session featuring Jordan and Kyle and their fur babies! For their session I went out to their acreage which overlooks the river and is so beautiful.  I love winter photos, especially when it snows the day before and leaves some beautiful untouched snow! I had so much fun photographing these two love birds with their menagerie that includes a couple of super cute dogs, a couple cats, and a couple beautiful horses. These two are gorgeous inside and out and made my job so easy to photograph them! 

The Davies family's lifestyle session was a session that so touched my heart.  They booked photos the Thanksgiving weekend as it was when most of the family was going to be together and it was most likely going to be the last time Thanksgiving would be celebrated in this home.  This was the childhood home of the now grown children of Harvey and Shirley Davies and they were now at the age where they were going to have to move out of their beloved home and into a senior's complex where they can receive the care needed.

Here is a gorgeous fall family lifestyle session of one of my favourite families, The Kehlers! I have known Josh for years as we both attended the Photographic Technology program at NAIT and have been so fortunate to have been his photographer of choice for his and Ashley's wedding as well as other family sessions throughout the years!  It is always so much fun to photograph friend's families and see how their kids can change so much in such little time and capture their super fun personalities.

Every summer one of my highlights is getting to photograph the very beautiful Krauss family. It has become an annual tradition for them to have their family lifestyle session out at Loon Lake and have their family portrait taken every year on their porch. I love this as it is amazing to see how much people especially kids change from year to year. We also try to find a different location somewhere on the lake for their family photos, this year we went near the sand bar where the trees and grass were just so perfect!

Here is the beautiful lifestyle session of the O'Connor family, Bill, Amy, and their two beautiful daughters! For their session we went to Amy's parents home and took advantage of their gorgeous back yard. I have known this family for a long time as Amy and I grew up together as neighbours at Loon Lake and I have been so honoured to have photographed her wedding, as well as their last family session out at the lake.

Here is a gorgeous fall lifestyle session of a gorgeous couple and their two super adorable boys! I have known Chris and Ashley for years as my family is close friends with their family and I've had to honour to photograph their wedding and their family when Jaden was a baby. I love when I get to photograph throughout their milestones, there is something so special about photographing families and their kids as they grow!

Here is the lifestyle session of another gorgeous family, The Berg's. For their lifestyle session we went out to my father's farm and took advantage of the train tracks and deserted car in the bush. It was such a gorgeous morning for photos, the sun was shining and was not too cool out. I had so much fun photographing this family, I have photographed Monica their daughter in the past with her cousins so it was so great to photograph to whole family this time :)

Here is a super cute session all about the most adorable little boy Isaac and his parents and grandparents!  I have known this family forever as their oldest daughter and I are childhood friends so when I heard the news over a year and half ago that her younger sister was expecting I was so excited for them!  And I was so happy and excited to have a fun fall session this year with this cute little man.  I had a blast photographing Isaac in the trees at Bud Miller Park in Lloydminster.  He is such a happy little guy and his energy is so contageous!