Laurel + Danny | Engaged

Laurel + Danny | Engaged

As I am still catching up on my blog posts, without further ado here is Laurel and Danny's gorgeous Calgary engagement session.  

I have actually known Laurel for years as when we were kids our fathers were the two primary photographers in Lloydminster and it was always funny as her dad would photograph the dance studio I went to and my dad would photograph the dance studio she went to.  When Laurel got engaged to Danny and contacted me about doing the photography I was super excited and felt honoured as well; you see Laurel herself has an amazing eye for photography and her father was also a very accomplished and excellent photographer.

Laurel and Danny are such a great couple, having met online after Laurel signed up to prove her friends that online wouldn't work.  Even she laughs at how wrong she was proven having met Danny.  We had a great time with the session, having walked around Prince's Island Park, and through downtown Calgary.  Below I have some of the favorites posted to check out, enjoy :)

Congratulations Laurel + Danny, I am very excited for your wedding this coming Labour Day Weekend xo