...And I'm Back!

...And I'm Back!

 Oh where do I begin... I realize it has been far too long since my last blog post and although I had good intentions of posting throughout the summer before I knew it the summer was over and alas no posts!  So consider this a quick recap of my summer and all that I have been up to :)


I decided to take a big risk this year in having my father sell his photography business so that I could venture out on my own which included expanding/relocating to Edmonton.  Now as I told my amazing clients in Lloydminster, it is only two hours away as such I will always come back for sessions as I look at it that if I lived somewhere like Toronto that would simply be a commute!  To say I'm not scared of this move is an understatement, I am terrified lol!  I mean there is so much more uncertainty but at the same I like to think life becomes more exciting with change and I knew this was what I needed to do for me.  So here I am now on my own and I'm sure I will have some posts with challenges and successes!


Alright to summarize the rest of my rest of my summer here are some of my highlights (note there is no particular order) :)

- I got to spend an amazing total of four weeks at my cabin in Loon Lake,SK, by far one of my favorite places and I even lucked out with weather and mostly had wonderful sunny days.  There were a few scary storms including one that took our dock pieces of the dock but there was no damage so can't complain!  I love it out there, it was great working on my own as I was able to bring my computer and work at the cabin, it could not get much better than that!

- I went to two amazing concerts, U2 and The Black Keys.  Nothing beats live music I must say, and I love being able to go with great friends like Christie who is my closest friend and it was awesome seeing The Black Keys together!

- I completed my first Olympic distance triathlon, and my first team half-ironman with my amazing teammates and friends Breanne & Raelean.  We even came first for the female teams, always a great feeling!  We also decided to road trip it to Penticton to surprise our coach, Ross, who was competing in his seventh Ironman!  That trip was so much fun, we slept in my parent's suburban or as we liked to call it The Suburban Suite at Chateau Chevy!  It was amazing to watch the athletes complete the Ironman, every single one was inspirational and I decided to not be a wimp and I am going to do the Ironman in 2013, yes that is right I am writing it down and adding it to the bucket list so that I make sure it will happen! 

-I photographed some amazing brides, couples, and families this summer and now that I am back on the blog stay tuned for many postings from the sessions!  I also met some really great people at one of the weddings and I always enjoy having more friends!

-I was able to spend time with my wonderful friend Christine, who lives in Florida so needless to say that doesn't happen often.  She came back to Lloyd for a few weeks and it was great hanging out again, sometimes when it has been awhile it is easy to forget how much it can be to hang out!  We had a blast at the lake and even took in our local fair for a night!

-I went on a quick road trip with my beautiful friend Chantal to second shoot for her in Kelowna.  It was so beautiful there, and it was great spending time together even when it was while working.  I am very excited to be closer to Calgary to be able to see each other more often.

-I loved my almost weekly OJ's date with Kristine, and although it might not be as often now every time I am home hopefully we will be able to make it happen!

-And last but not least, I just had some amazing times with great friends :)


I've posted a couple pics from some of the highlights below, not that apart from the sunset photo they were all taken on my point & shoot!


I hope everyone else has had an amazing summer and here's to new adventures and hopefully a fantastic fall! xoxo