Over the Top Fashion Swap

Over the Top Fashion Swap

Last weekend was the second annual Over the Top Fashion Swap (http://www.overthetopswap.com/) in Edmonton, and my first time at such an event. I must say what a great event. I had heard of such things before and love the concept of bringing your clothing to swap for "new" clothing. And wow were there some amazing items brought in to swap! I ended up finding myself a great pair of jeans and a cool scarf! I would definitely check out their website and plan to attend next year as it is such a great way to find new wardrobe pieces without breaking the bank!

I was also at the event in a professional capacity to capture some of the swap moments and run a glamour photo booth with another photographer, Sebastien (http://www.sgsfoto.com). Sebastien does some amazing scenic canvas' of Edmonton, so definitely check out his work! I had a great time taking photos and meeting some great people. Some very cool Edmontonian fashion bloggers stopped by the booth for some pics; I am going to post their links below as if you love fashion like me it is worth checking them out especially since they are local which is nice as you can actually find the items they blog about :) Ally, one of the most amazing organizers of the event (Her and cory put the event together and did such a great job. I can't even begin to fathom the amount of work it would have been!) had some pics as well as an amazing jewelry designer Rachel had some taken with her and her mom for mother's day. I love the pic of the two of them you can tell they have such a great bond!

Anyways, I will stop the writing here (in case you haven't noticed I try to keep the writing portion of my posts short and sweet; more so as I much prefer photography to writing ;)). Please check out some of the pics from the event below as well as a few from our glamour booth!

Also here are the fashion blogs to check out:

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Hope you all have a great weekend :)