As mentioned in a previous post I was fortunate enough to get to do a workshop with the fabulous Jennifer Hudson just outside Boston. Since I had never been to Boston before I knew I had to plan a couple extra days to tour this city, as I had heard so many amazing things about it. Well it definitely lived up to the hype!

One thing I love to do when I first get to a new place is explore it on foot myself, no tours just get lost and take it all in, a great playlist on the iPod always enhances these walks! And that is exactly what I did. I loved it, I just walked around, mostly toured Beacon Hill which was amazing. I loved the narrow roads and walkways and the cobblestone streets. It was such a great atmosphere, and did the day ever fly by from just wondering. Highlight of that day was seeing the "Cheers" bar, so cool, especially since I loved that show as a kid!

On my second day, after a little bit of a sleep in I decided it would be museum day :) Always a highlight for me, well depending the museum! I first walked down to the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts), which was amazing as expected. Although the highlight was definitely the Richard Avedon fashion photography exhibit. I would have to say 3/4 of my entire time in the museum was spent in this exhibit, admiring the photography and reading everything I could about Richard Avedon. I must say he is definitely a photographer whose work I so admire! I love how clean his work is and the attention to detail is so incredible. I seriously could have spent the whole day looking at all his work! Well after the MFA with the recommendation of Jenn & Josh I checked out the Isabella Stuart Gardner museum. This museum was so super cool, it was Isabella's personal collection of art that she had displayed in this mansion and on her passing left it to the city of Boston but nothing was allowed to be changed. It was so amazing, you could feel this lady's soul in the place. I only wish I had been able to take photos as the eclectic-ness of it all is hard to describe with words. Definitely recommend checking it out if you ever make it to Boston! I was able to end the day by meeting my lovely friend Honey for nice dinner in Brookline!

For my last day, I spent the morning checking out Harvard. For some reason I always wanted to see it so I figured I better check it out. I loved it, I love the old buildings and the history. it was such a cool atmosphere! Afterwards I decided to walk the freedom trail, and it was a good thing I decided to buy the $3 map from the tourist info booth as being Canadian I honestly didn't know anything about the historical locations I was going to! One thing I noticed was that cemeteries are tourist attractions, kind of a little morbid but I must admit the tombstones from the 17-1800's are very cool! I also explored the North End and experienced my first Cannoli at Mike's Pastry. Sooo good, but could only eat half as it was little bigger than my stomach could handle. The day was topped off by one of the best pasta dinners I have had at Giacomo's!

Thanks Boston for a great 2.5 days and hopefully I shall be back to wander the city again :)