Jennifer Hudson's Amazing Workshop

Jennifer Hudson's Amazing Workshop

A couple weeks ago the day I had been waiting for months for had finally arrived: the first day of Jennifer Hudson's workshop. I first fell in love with Jennifer's work when I took her and Arthur Rainville's course at Image Explorations a few years back, and became so excited when I saw she was holding a workshop of her own in Sudbury, MA. I had been feeling lost with myself as an artist and was in need of inspiration which was exactly what I got. I love that Jennifer takes chances with her work and incorporates old film printing techniques as I am just starting to discover this artistic side of myself and loved the chance to further explore it.

Where to begin on the workshop, it was held at the historic Longfellow's Wayside Inn, America's oldest operating Inn, which was such an incredible atmosphere. Although I am truly convinced that it's haunted, one visit to the old church on it's premises at night will convince anyone of that (as a note the visit was by car and no one got out!). With all the beautiful grounds and woods surrounding it, it was picture perfect for a workshop. One of my highlights was creating my own mixed media art collage. I have really wanted to explore other forms of art and this allowed me to do it while still using my own photographic image. I had so much fun incorporating paint, paper, stamps etc on my photograph and then sealing it with a coat of beeswax. I have posted the original image and the collaged image below, although as a note the collage image is a photo of it and part of the allure is seeing the different textures so in person definitely more cool! Second highlight definitely the Van Dyke processing of digital negatives. Having created cyanotypes back in photography school I have had a recent craving to go back explore this printing techniques. Being able to do this here was awesome, I learned how simple it really can be and love that is creates something non-digital which just feels more unique. I can't wait to start creating more, I have posted my Van Dyke prints below, and really want to recreate my Welcome to Dollhouse series in Van Dykes!

Now from attending workshops in the past I have discovered that the group of people often can make or break a workshop no matter how awesome the host. And in this case it definitely made it. I can't remember laughing and sharing so much with people I had just met. There were so many amazing times spent that this post would become a novel with all our stories. I have to give a huge shout out to my texas girls, Robyn & Kristina, we met the day we flew in to Boston as we were carpooling together and bonded instantly. You girls are amazing and cannot wait until I see you again, miss you :)

Also a huge thank you to Jenn & Josh, this workshop was incredible. You guys are some of the most inspiring people and I am so happy that I can consider you both friends. I have been contemplating some big changes with my life and you have so inspired me to follow my dreams with photography, thank you guys so much for everything :)

Here are some photos from the workshop, enjoy!

Note: Having to take advantage of being so close to Boston stay tuned for my blog post on the fantastic few days spent in what has to be one of the most gorgeous/interesting cities!