A Personal Pre-New Years Resolution

A Personal Pre-New Years Resolution

This blog post stems from a conversation I had with a close friend about how much I admire those who are able to put themselves out there in a sense in their blogs. What I mean is how they choose to open up to their readers who they are, their opinions, how they feel, etc. It's something I've always wanted to be able to do but totally scared about it, as by opening up more about myself I open myself up to also be judged, which let's not lie is very frightening! Well I'm trying to turn over a new leaf personally, what this means is I'm opening myself up to do things that totally scare me. I am someone who often plays the safe card, makes the safe decisions, likes predictability (I really enjoy knowing how movies end before I see them for example!), essentially scared of taking chances for fear of failure or even success as strange as that might sound. So although we are still a few months away from New Years I decided to make a resolution to do more things, take more chances, and really embrace life as to sound cliche, it really is pretty short and I really don't want to have regrets! So I choose to share this as I want to feel some accountability to post more often and include more posts about me!

So instead of waiting another day and another I shall start right here and now. I am a big believer in bucket lists, whether you have it written down or not I think it is so important to have things/goals you want to accomplish in life. I mean anything from cooking a gourmet meal to climbing everest, I don't believe that they always have to be huge andP I mean after all a bucket list is completely personal! So what's on my bucket list, well here is a few that I can think of off the top of my head (as a note, I should probably start an actual tangible list, just so nothing gets forgotten, also when written down the odds of it happening increase!

-Have a book published (photography book that is, I am no writer lol)
-Photograph the cover of Vogue
-Attend every tennis grand slam
-Holiday in Bora Bora
-Learn to surf
-Have an article about me in a magazine
-Photograph a wedding on almost every continent (Antarctica and the Arctic might be a little difficult)
-Visit Scandinavia
-Tour all of Canada
-Make it back to Australia to visit some awesome peeps that's it's been way too long since I've seen
-Complete an Olympic distance Triathlon

These are just a few, as I have never actually started a written I know that many more will be added as time goes on and things progress. Actually one item that I just recently got to check off is completing a half-marathon. I love running but being a little bit inherently lazy the thought of running more than 10K totally intimidated me but yet running a half-marathon is something I always wanted to do. So to get the motivation going I registered back in March for the Edmonton Intact Marathong/ Half-Marathon. And on Sunday August 22nd, I completed it. It actually went much better than expected and I finished with a time of 2 hours and 12 minutes which I so happy about as my goal was to be under 2 1/2 hours. And I was able to run the entire thing, which felt amazing except for the next couple of days when I walked a little funny! Well it totally felt amazing to finish and although I said I would never do another one, who knows I very well might go back on my word! I posted a pic of me running it with my friend Jen (I'm the green!) that her husband took, which is awesome as it's great to have a photo to remember it!

Well as this post is now the beginning of a novel I will it end it here, I hope you all are having a most fantabulous day :)