My Baba's 90th Birthday

My Baba's 90th Birthday

Recently my baba, (Ukrainian for grandma in case you were wondering ;)), celebrated a huge milestone; her 90th birthday! Of course we could not let this event pass without a small celebration. So with my aunt and uncle in town from BC we thought we would try to get some other family together for small dinner and of course cake at a local restaurant. It was such a great time, great to visit and see some familiar faces that I don't see often.

Wow, is all that comes to mind when I think of being 90 years old. It is so amazing that as humans we are able to live that long. I can only imagine the changes my baba has seen through the years. I mean technology is always changing and new things are always happening but they're not near on the scale compared to going from no electricity, to a lightbulb, to radio, to tv, to color tv, I think you get my point! It's so cute because she is just so amazed with such things we take for granted like the internet, my baba is always asking how it works and can't believe that you can post something online and millions can view it. So this blog post is pretty amazing to her!

My baba has always been super special to me, being the only granddaughter you can imagine the spoiling I received! I've been so fortunate to grow up in the same city as her, so as kids my brother and I used to spend every Sunday at her house playing imaginary games, building box forts around the pool table, and just being kids and of course eating as much junk food as she would buy us! As I got older I didn't go over near as much but luckily my baba worked at my dad's business so when I started working for him I still was able to spend lots of time with her. I never realized how special that time would be become until recently as my baba is getting older and doesn't come into work anymore and is starting to become more fragile. Although with that said her mind is still as sharp as ever, she amazes me, she can remember almost every person she has met and their life story! All I can hope for is an ounce of her mind as it does amaze me how much she remembers! She is such a fixture in my home town as wherever she goes she has to stop and visit with everyone as well as daily we get people at my dad's business asking about where she is and how she is doing. Plus she one of my biggest fans and is always telling people about me, which is so sweet :)

Well here is to you baba, such a beautiful person and hopefully a year from now we will be celebrating your 91st birthday!