Lloydminster Region Health Foundation

Lloydminster Region Health Foundation

Once again this year the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation (LRHF) inquired if I would be interested in donating my time to photograph some amazing local individuals for their annual report. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, these people do so much for the community yet they often go unrecognized and I loved that the LRHF would be doing stories about them and their generosity. Instead of trying to regurgitate their stories I posted the articles that were published so that you guys can read all about these amazing people.

To be honest, some of them the first time I had met them was to photograph them and others I had known for years. All of the people were so kind and honestly it was an honor to photograph them. I do have to share a quick story about Dr. Weir as I have known him for as long as I can remember as he was the vet for my grandparents. He is probably one of the most kind and generous people I have ever met and I could be having the worst day ever but when he comes into my work and brings his smile and little bag of candy it's hard not to smile and the day doesn't seem so bad anymore. He just has that ability to make people feel great about themselves!

Well I have posted the photos I took for the LRHF and their annual report, now the one of Grant from 106.1 The Goat is different than the photo published but it is my favorite of him. As mentioned above I've also posted the articles from the annual report, please check them out as these people deserve all the recognition possible.

Also I must say a big thank you to the LRHF for everything they do for the community because honestly without them we wouldn't have the caliber of health care that we do in Lloydminster!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday :)